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Whiteflies Physical Characteristics

Not many pest control companies offer Whiteflies Control in South Florida; we do, and we are experts at it! South Florida residents/business owners have praised us over the years for our mastery of Whitefly Extermination. Schedule your In-Home Evaluation today; we will be ready to serve you accordingly. Whiteflies usually appear in groups, on the undersides of leaves. They get their name from the mealy, white wax covering their whitish wings and yellowish bodies.

Whiteflies Behavior

Whiteflies Control South FloridaOur professional Whiteflies Control in South Florida frees you of the tiny, sap-sucking insects, prolific in vegetable/ornamental plantings, excreting sticky honeydew, and yellowing leaves. Whiteflies thrive in warmth; populations build up quickly where natural enemies are destroyed, and weather is ideal.

Whiteflies hare hosted by many weeds and crops, breeding all year around, moving from host to host as plants are harvested or dry up. Like aphids, whiteflies excrete honeydew, so leaves may be sticky or covered with black sooty mold. Ants are attracted to the honeydew which caused interference with the movement of enemies that control whiteflies, and other pests. Management of Whiteflies and Control in South Florida is not to be attempted on your own; try to solve your problem and you are sure to fail. You need our expertise, of course. Schedule FREE Consultation with us now!

Whiteflies Treatment

Whiteflies Control in South Florida can be managed through a variety of means, including biological and chemical means, as well as direct removal. Specialized Pest control offers a variety of solutions for your lawn and garden and can address problems you are having with both whiteflies and ants in your yard.

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