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Subterranean Termites South Florida

By getting the details on Subterranean Termites in South Florida from the mouths of our experts, you will be at a clear advantage; it will motivate you to act immediately on your own termite catastrophe. We, here at Specialized Pest Control will help you to become termite and pest free quickly. Do you know, that South Florida's weather is ideal breeding medium for Termites? Termites can silently ruin an entire building. Why open yourself, and your family, to possible major property damage, and repair bills? We are ready to evaluate your home/business, and to offer our Interior/Exterior Preventative Services!

Subterranean Termites South FloridaSubterranean termites in South Florida are small; half the size of a match-head or 1/8″ long. They are insects, without wings, sterile, blind and work 24 hours a day for their 2 year life span. The soldiers defend the colony against marauding ants, with whom they are at war, for 250 million years! Subterranean Termites travel in mud shelter tubes; protection from predators, sun-burn, dehydration, maintaining high humidity, essential for their survival.

Western Subterranean Termites in South Florida are secretive, entering a building through areas inaccessible to inspection: in-fill patios, fire heaths, expansion joints, cracks in concrete slabs, on-ground flooring, and can pass through a 1/8″ crack or an expansion joint, eating through the rubber compound between adjoining concrete on ground flooring. They travel under parquetry, and floor tiles, to get to the wall framing timbers. We outpace these Termites! Trust our proven services and save yourself property repair expenses in the future!

The worker termite caste can digest timber by the use of symbiotic protozoa in their gut. Worker termites feed their digested semi-liquid food, regurgitated from their mouth, or passing from their anus, to the other termites. Western subterranean termites in South Florida have a well ordered social system, with amazing engineering capabilities, and an acute survival instinct; they obtain moisture from the soil and moist decaying timber, and communicate using pheromone signals. But we can conquer them; book our services and see for yourself how professional we are and how termites are exterminated by our expertise; count on our resources and our capacity.

The mutual feeding, constant grooming, and close social habits of Subterranean Termites in South Florida, are used to great advantage, in modern termite control baiting systems. Certain hi-tech termite baits are now on the market; they have a delayed lethal effect on termites, which readily pass on the bait to other termites in the central colony nest, during the mutual grooming and feeding.

Western subterranean termites in South Florida need to maintain a high level of humidity, and temperature (75 to 95F) in their central colony nest. Western subterranean termites in South Florida eat through the center of susceptible timbers, leaving nothing but a thin veneer of timber and/or paint. They will pack mud in cracks and joints in timber, to prevent loss of humidity and resultant dehydration.

As noted above, Subterranean Termites in South Florida, constantly groom and feed each other. A valuable technique for the termite controller, is to install and monitor a termite baiting system, next to any live activity found in and around the premises, where termite foraging is most likely to occur. Subsequent inspections, (preferably monthly), may reveal dead or sick worker termites, they change color to a mottle look, and spread the termite bait to other termites leading to elimination of the colony.

The termite baits are designed to be non-repellant to the termites, and have a unique delayed effect; time enough to be passed onto the other termites in the colony, including the queen, with a sufficient dosage leading to the elimination of the entire colony. This process is explained in detail in the Termite Control section of this website.

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