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Ant Control South Florida

Ant Control across South Florida is our passion, here at Specialized Pest Control; it is what we do best! And, if you reside or own business in South Florida, you should learn about our remarkable Pest Control Company; using our services saves you money, in both the short run, and the long run. Rid yourself of the danger of Florida ants, called Formica, which are notorious for mounting Ant Control Pest Control South Floridainvasions. Ants are more calculating than you can ever imagine! They are able to utilize chemical trails, making them highly organized and stubborn pests.

Though not as harmful as termites, their bites are extremely painful, and they contaminate food. The two commonly known ants in South Florida are the Florida fire ant and Florida carpenter ant. With our expertise, you will never be plagued with either; book our Team for Ant Control in South Florida.

Being very social insects, with two main castes work co-operatively. The workers construct, repair and defend the nest, while reproductive reproduce more ants and build a powerful army. Our professionals are armed with the modern ant Control resources and are also highly experienced having carried out Ant Control in South Florida, for several years; book our stellar services for Ant Control in South Florida.

Florida ants are usually found outdoors, and can be identified by large dirt mounds. Nests can also be created on house foundations, sidewalks, patios, tree trunks and more. Indoors, these Florida ants can be found behind baseboards, and require professional Ant Control and Pest Control services.

How Can I Prevent an Ant Invasion?

Florida ants gain access to your home via small cracks and crevasses in your home. Keep your home clean, it is the only sure-fire way to avoid ants. Any flavored food or liquid can attract ants. Be sure to store your food safely to reduce moisture sources, including condensation leaks.

If ants have already infested your home, help is on the way. The most effective way to combat ants is to receive a free inspection from All Things Pest Control. Schedule an appointment with Specialized Pest Control and we will keep your home and business free of Florida ants for years to come, by way of our professional; Ant Control and Pest Control Services.

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